Marianna Kavallieratos is a choreographer and dancer from Athens, Greece. She studied contemporary dance at the London Contemporary Dance School and S.U.N.N.Y. Purchase, New York as well as practiced the Martha Graham Technique, at Graham Studios, NYC.


While living in New York in the 90's she met Robert Wilson, and soon became evolved in a group of emerging artists who collaborated in founding and shaping the Watermill Center on Long Island. She has maintained a strong physical and creative presence at the center ever since, as a mentor and teacher of dance and movement, and has collaborated and performed in many Robert Wilson productions including: 'T.S. Eliot', 'Une Femme Douce', 'Persephone', 'The Days Before DDD III', 'Wings on Rock', 'Prometheus', 'Alcestis' (the opera), 'Relative Light' and 'Odyssey'.


On her return to Europe, she danced for Kobalt Works in Brussels for several years, before returning to Athens, where she is still working as a freelance choreographer for various art institutes, festivals and venues.


She has so far choreographed and presented four full length works of her own which are: 'Moment' (Athens Festival, 2010), 'Auto Run' (Athens Festival, 2012), 'Recalculate' (Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens 2013) and 'Stations' (Athens Festival, 2014), 'BASTET" (Stavros Niarhos Foundation  main stage (2018), as well as short length projects such as “Normal Operation”, “I’m this...I’m that”, “Stay on It”, “DEATH” (work-in-progress),


In 2016 she performed the long durational piece 'SKIN' at the occasion 'As One', in Benaki Museum Athens, commissioned by NEON and Marina Abramovic institute.


Since 2000 she regularly teaches dance and choreography in various educational institutes and drama schools, among others the National School of Dance (Athens, Greece) and the Watermill Center (New York, US).