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Marianna Kavallieratos

Marianna Kavallieratos studied dance and choreography at The Place - London Contemporary Dance School and continued her studies, with an Onassis Foundation scholarship, at SUNY Purchase (New York).

In 1992, she began collaborating with director and visual artist Robert Wilson, at the Watermill Center (New York), performing in productions such as: T.S.Eliot, Une Femme Douce, Persephone, The Days Before DD&D III, Wings on Rock, Prometheus, Relative Light, Alceste (Christoph Willibald Gluck), Odyssey, Sonnets.

Her choreographic projects have been presented worldwide, in collaboration with prominent institutions and organizations such as the Onassis Cultural Center, Athens and Epidaurus Festival, Spoleto Festival, Greek Minister of Culture for most of her major productions: Ever After, Bastet, Τhey, Stations, Recalculate, Auto Run, Moment, as well as site specific projects in Athens and New York. Among her life changing collaborations was the project As One | Marina Abramovic (Benaki Museum), which was organized by NEON nonprofit organization, in the context of a long duration feature performance “Skin”.

Alongside her artistic work, she has taught contemporary dance and choreography at the Greek National School of Dance, The Watermill Center in New York, at several drama schools in Athens, as well as numerous educational dance/choreography workshops. 


Her work is mainly human focused, exploring the dynamics and the individuality of her collaborators, enriching the power of the human being alone, or as part of a broader community. 

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